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Dnatesting Com Results

Posted by Bruley Amia on Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 13:16:05

If you need paternity test results for use in a legal document or in Court, then a Court Admissible DNA Paternity test must be performed. This test requires that all tested parties have their DNA samples collected at a certified facility - such as a local hospital, medical office, or health department.

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Your Results. Once our laboratory has received the DNA samples from all tested parties, we will complete your DNA Paternity test within 2 business days (1 Day results are available for a nominal fee).

Hi, Hannah. The type of results you gave would be accepted in court as proof of paternity, had you done legal tests with court-admissible results, so chances are that the alleged father is the biological father. A 99.9999997% probability, which is pretty darn high, coupled with a 2 billion to 1 chance that it's someone else is extremely